Google Connect is a communication, calendaring, and collaboration project that uses several Google tools (including Gmail, Drive, and Hangouts) and is sponsored by UCSB Enterprise Technology Services (ETS).

ETS has addressed a broad set of FAQs related to the Connect project, and we encourage you to visit their FAQ page first:

Below are questions related specifically to the upcoming Student Affairs, Graduate Division, and Arts & Lectures migration (scheduled for March-June 2018). If you do not find your question addressed at or below, please email the SIS&T Google Connect Team at Thank you!



  • After the migration, will our "" email addresses still work? Yes. After the migration, you may continue to use your "" email address or you may choose to use your new "" email address, which all Connect users receive. For more information, please see
  • What if I need to change my UCSB NetID? Any changes that need made to UCSB NetIDs must be done before March 5 or after May 15 — please think of this as a freeze period during which you cannot make any changes to your NetID.
  • What will happen to the folders I currently have set up in my inbox? Your folders (except Archive folders) will be migrated to your new Gmail inbox, however Gmail uses labels instead of folders
  • What are the benefits of migrating to Google Connect? Connect makes it easier to collaborate with other campus partners who have already migrated to Connect, especially when it comes to sharing calendars and scheduling meetings. Additionally, there will be no more limits on storage, so there will be no need to archive your emails, and because Connect is a cloud application, it is not dependent on campus infrastructure and will not be affected by local outages, so users can enjoy increased uptime.
  • Does Zoom interface with Google Calendar to indicate when someone is free or busy? Our team will research this and provide an answer as soon as it can.
  • What will happen to Outlook? Outlook will no longer be the recommended way of accessing mail and calendars. For staff who prefer Outlook, an add-in from Google will be made available after the migration, which will provide a limited subset of compatibility. For more information, see this link: 
  • Will custom-developed applications and vendor applications be able to integrate with Google Connect (like they currently do with Outlook Exchange)? Our team is working to determine all currently integrated applications and we will research any anticipated changes to each application.
  • Who is Appirio, and what do they do? Appirio is a third-party Google Premier Partner that has helped other campus partners through the Google Connect migration project. Appirio will be collaborating with the SIS&T Google Connect Team to migrate Student Affairs, the Graduate Division, and Arts & Lectures. More information about Appirio can be found at
  • Are other UCs using Google Connect? Yes, although "Google Connect" is just UCSB's name for the campus migration project. The actual suite of tools that UCSB and other UCs is using is built on Google's G Suite for Education platform.
  • Will calendar items migrate? And what if you are maintaining multiple calendars and/or calendars for others? Yes, calendar items will migrate, and after migration, people will need to go through the process of sharing their calendars again. ETS has provided several answers to calendar-related questions, and you may want to read more at
  • Will Chrome become the preferred browser for our division? Chrome will be available, but not mandatory to use.
  • Are Google Connect tools compliant with FERPA, HIPAA, PCI, etc.? Connect tools can be used to store and transmit FERPA-protected data, however it cannot be used to store or transmit HIPAA, PCI, human-subject research data, or other protected information. For more information, please visit
  • How will shared email accounts be handled during the migration? Our team will ask departments to review currently shared email accounts during the business analysis process (October 2017-April 2018), and we will migrate those deemed necessary.
  • Will the Help Desk still manage who has access to shared email accounts? Yes.
  • Can our department postpone migration until after June? Please let our team know more about your needs during the business analysis process, but also understand that our team depends on ETS for a successful migration and must work within its schedule.
  • How many Google Guides can a department have? There is no limit!