Key Objectives for New System


  1. Rules-Driven
    • Increase agility to respond to changing requirements (e.g. mid-year budget changes)
    • Reduce code complexity and development overhead
  2. Event-Driven/Workflow-Enabled
    • State changes can trigger processes (e.g. repackaging)
    • Individual student lifecycle within a given AY proceed independently of each other
    • Reduce batch processing
  3. Improve current process inefficiencies due to system fragmentation / limitations
    • Fund management
    • Manual repackaging (budget changes, overaward, etc)
    • Document tracking/management
    • ISIR processing (e.g. retract obsolete document requirements on subsequent transactions)
  4. Online System Access
    • Provide academic departments and organizational research units with an online system for managing central, non-central, and extramural funding for graduate students.
    • Provide students with online access to their financial support information and the ability to request changes to their support schedule.
  5. Automate Daily Operations
  6. Alignment with both OFAS and Graduate Division Financial Processes