Announcement: All applications affected by this conversion were released in production on February 18 2013. The SIS Conversion phase of this project is complete.

SIS Conversion phase started in February 2011 and is scheduled to finish in February 2013. The approach is to convert the code and the data of the legacy Natural/Adabas mainframe-based systems to modern Microsoft-based C#(.net)/SQL Server applications.

After the conversion, the new applications will be accessible through a web interface at:

List of applications affected by this conversion:

  • ADMS – Admissions Reporting System

  • UADM – Undergraduate Admissions System

  • INDX - UCSB Person Index Maintenance

  • CRES – Curriculum Resource System

  • FAID – Financial Aid Operations Access

  • FAST – Financial Aid Department Access

  • SFSO – Financial Aid Batch Jobs

  • STAB – Campus Table School System Update

  • CTAB – Campus Table School System Read

  • SREG – Student Registration System

  • SR05 – Student Registration System Table Maintenance

  • SR25 – Schedule 25 Table Maintenance

  • STAR – Student Access and Reporting

  • SSDA – Student System Department Access

  • IRES – Institutional Research System

  • GSFR – Graduate Division Fee Remissions System

  • GDIV – Graduate Division Batch Jobs

  • USEC - Application Security for SREG, STAR, SSDA, GSFR


Additional affected applications: applications listed below interact with the converted systems and are indirectly affected by the conversion:

GOLD, eGrades, AAA, App Status(Admissions Web), Applicant Authentication, Online SIR, Inside Admissions, Delta Sys, Insurance Waiver, Orientation Reservations, BARC, SLR, DSP, Online Catalog, L&S Advising Workflow Application, Public Verification, Parent Info, Document Management, eTranscript, TEAS, TTS, Perm/Pin Reset, Sevis